Dublin vibes

We made it!!! Ce l'abbiamo fatta!!! Dopo due anni in cui non si sono potuti effettuare stage per motivi legati alla pandemia, dal 9  al 13 maggio 2022 le classi 4AL e 3CL a.s. 2021-2022 si sono recate a Dublino.

L'esperienza è stata davvero entusiasmante! Dopo due anni di chiusure e di rinunce, molto difficili soprattutto per gli studenti, assaporare il piacere di viaggiare e di parlare all'estero le lingue che studiamo è stato davvero coinvolgente!

Il programma di viaggio comprendeva walking tours con guide locali durante la mattinata, con visita finale all'Epic Irish Museum, e lezioni pomeridiane presso il centro ATC di Dublino con insegnanti madrelingua. In classe gli studenti hanno affrontato il tema del Tourism e in particolare del  Susteinable Tourism, con progetti e presentazioni finali a piccoli gruppi.

Tanti i siti che ci hanno ricordato i grandi della letteratura che abbiamo studiato e che studieremo, da James Joyce a Oscar Wilde, quest’ultimo da noi tutti abbracciato in una bellissima foto a Merrion Square.


Ecco alcuni dei commenti degli studenti di 4AL e 3CL.

“Overall Dublin was a great experience, not only we had fun while touring the city, but also it was a great opportunity to create a closer bond with our classmates. Obviously, if we had had the opportunity to stay with host families, we would have learnt more, but we practiced the language anyway  in our free time. We all fell in love with the city and the kindness of the majority of the locals.

We also had the chance to visit Howth, a fisherman village with a famous lighthouse, we didn’t see the seals because of the low tides, but we saw a ton of seagulls.

If we had had the possibility to travel also in the previous years, we would have created a better relationship with our classmates” (Zoe, Martina, Arianna, Sara)

In our opinion the school trip to Dublin was fantastic. It’s something that we will probably remember for the rest of our life. Moreover we had the chance to improve our English by speaking and interacting with native speakers.We obviously liked the city and the Irish culture. Also the weather is something that, by the time, we’ve learnt to enjoy.” (Gabriele, Emanuele, Federico)

Our experience in Dublin was delightful. We enjoyed the city tours and the city in general although we wanted to also visit the interior of the buildings we saw.

The best part was the time we spent with the other class with which we created an amazing bond.” (Bianca, Giulia, Anna)

“Dublin's week was a good moment in order to leave the daily routine and to discover a new "world", we consider it like that because there were different habits and times, new stuff to consider, such as the driving sense. It was a wonderful holiday not just for sightseeing or exploring areas and landmarks, but also for reinforcing our relationships and meeting new people. Another fundamental point to mention is the freedom of speaking english without feeling embarrassed, you could start a conversation in every moment given the kindness of local people. We hope to replicate the experience again.” (Federico, Simone, Dino, Jacopo)

“One of the most magical moments during our mini stay in Dublin was the last night. We went for a walk and we saw all the beauties of the city by night. There were plenty of coloured and enchanting lights and the atmosphere was extremely pleasant. We all felt joyful and free, relieved that we got the opportunity to do this experience”. (Martina, Alessia, Natalia, Ilaria)