Fake news and how to spot it

Write the informative post to warn your friends about a fake website (or news) you've found out and analyzed: explain how you know it is fake backing up your claims with evidence.


Dear friends, beware! The internet is a fun and free space, where you can express your opinions (often) and raise your awareness ( sometimes) and increase your knowledge ( rarely), but it can also be dangerous and mischievous. Just a couple of days ago I came across a news article which sounded like a total crap, or a curious case: a two-legged cat walking down the street looking straight into the camera. What seemed to be a funny and innocent curiosity was in reality a true hoax, that spread misinformation and fake news. But how can I say that? First of all, remember: the article was not signed. No journalists nor photographers, neither of them: everything blank and vague ( even if there was plenty of pics and posters that yelled with colourful sentences how incredible such event was, in fact). Secondly, the article had no date, and reported the news without specifying where it happened, when it did and to whom in particular. That meant, probably, that there were no scientific proofs such a case could verify, since articles like this one should always have a precise, scientifical section commented and prepared by a true scholar or scientist. But this had none, therefore I immediately assumed it had nothing serious nor true about it. Moreover, it was written in a very eye-catching font, with a glittery layout and capital letters. But all in all… how could I believe this information if the picture that reported the news was clearly created by photoshop? So what I tell you dear friends is: be aware of the sites you visit, do not believe in any incredible news and always remember to check if the interesting subject you are reading about could actually happen in real life.

(a student of 5CL)